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I grew up in a "doctor family", and was inspired early on by my father, who was a plastic surgeon. He was a skilled surgeon, with a burning commitment to his profession and great care for his patients. This made a deep impression on me. I am an energetic person and I wanted a practical subject where I could make a big difference. It is a subject that requires continuous learning in order to maintain knowledge and constantly stretch to become even better. I like that!


I like working with details and am precise by nature. I am concerned with aesthetics and being able to bring that into my work gives me an extra dimension. Being a plastic surgeon is a wonderful profession, where the procedure and technique are adapted to the individual patient. This also gives great opportunities to be creative, with a clear aesthetic expression. That's why I love my job! And then I meet an incredible number of exciting and interesting people. I genuinely like people! I am very humbled that my patients choose me as their surgeon. It is a big and important task to take good care of them in their vulnerability. I create relationships every day that mean a lot to them, but also to me. These are operations that they do not HAVE to do, but that they CHOOSE for me to perform. I have great respect for that, and I feel very very privileged.


working as a plastic surgeon in private practice is in many ways also a way of life and part of my identity. I have close follow-up and contact with my patients and this takes up a lot of my time. It has been quite tough at times during education and especially when the children were small. When I worked in a hospital there were many long shifts and work during holidays and public holidays when you might want to have time off with your family. If I'm honest, I probably feel that I've sacrificed a lot to get to where I am today. The children mean everything to me, and I spend much of my free time with them, in addition to the fact that I have a large social network of close family and friends. I love nature and travelling, and the advantage of working at a private clinic is that I can largely plan holidays when it suits me. I am happy to train and be physically active in nature both in summer and winter. It gives me recharge and relaxation. For my own children, I hope that I can also be a good role model. I think it is very important for them to see that I am deeply committed to my work, and that I have a big heart for my patients.


For me, it is important that the work clothes are light, flexible and breathable, and ideally non-ironing. When I operate, this is of great importance because I have a physically demanding job for many hours at a time, and wear both a tight coat, mask, double gloves, hat, headlamp, mask and glasses. This places high demands on the uniform being functional for my use. As I mentioned, I am concerned with aesthetics and am fond of high-quality clothes. Anyone who knows me knows that! 😉 I therefore think that a work outfit should reflect the quality of the work that I and the Academy Clinic deliver in addition to having a nice cut.

Choosing this path requires a lot of hard work. You must be willing to sacrifice time and effort to become proficient. I have never gone for the mediocre....Studying medicine gives many choices and the most important thing is to find a specialty that you are passionate about. And if you like working with people, it is a privilege to get so close to so many different personalities. I feel that it enriches my life and I gain a deeper understanding of others who both are and live very differently from myself. This is fantastic if you can see it! No matter what you do, find something you can be passionate about doing.

Thank you for me, Mette

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